What We do?


What We Do?

5kg wheat, 500grm khichdi, religious magazines, Spectaculars given to the necessitous people in a month. Hot bags , Ice bags ,water bags, walking sticks, thermometers , walkers are being given at free of cost to the poor and necessitous people The treatment is being given to the innocent animals and regularly feed the food to the cattle.

We used to held the “buttermilk center” during summer and give winter ware during winter for needy and poor people.

We were always going to the Bajarangdas bapa hospital and Tapibai hospital to give religious books like “Parmarth” ,”Jankalyan”,”Yug Shakti Gayatri”,”Jalaram Jyot” and boost up the Positive energy of Patient. We used to distribute sweets at very low cost at the time of Festivals.

The Medical Camp is held with the help of doctors for at free of cost for the poor and necessitous patient. The event called “Visarta Sur” is regularly held for senior citizens and other interested people We provide the foot wares during the time of summer to needy and poor people We accept the access food which remains during your social occasion for the needy and poor people. Mangal charitable trust manages mangal aarogya mandir.

The trust used to organize the “Yatra Pravas” and “dharmik katha” for senior citizens and other interested people.