Mangal Charitable Trust, Bhavnagar


Mangal is the place where we are trying to help those who are financially, physically & psychologically dependent. The strangest part of our trust is that those who are working with us are also a common man. Majority belongs to middleclass family and with the help of them and there donation we are able to work on such a big ground of our trust. So basically we are working on this.

As every one knows that there is strong relation between income & wealth. This inequality starts from here those who are financially not well they can not spend more amounts on their health so the ultimate suffer are children’s and old age people. So here we are providing help to improve there childrens future also by providing health and wealth.

Apart from this old age people those who has poor health & can not afford the costly treatments & medicines we are making there path smoother & trying to provide them best service. When we have mentioned the issue of inequality there are a group of people who can not afford the nutritious food for their life. We also arrange lunch for them & its on first Sunday of every month. Here, we are providing them for the nourishment of there family members.

Our Values

5kg wheat, 500grm khichdi, religious magazines, Spectaculars given to the necessitous people in a month.
Hot bags , Ice bags ,water bags, walking sticks, thermometers , walkers are being given at free of cost to the poor and necessitous people The treatment is being given to the innocent animals and regularly feed the food to the cattle.
Mangal trust is not only working for the dependents. We strongly believe in our culture, values & ethics. Cultural event like concert old song, national songs for the aged people. We arrange the medical camp for the people who are economically backwards.
You will support “MANGAL” the estemed trust in various aspect.
You will educate the society about the welfare and usefulness of the trust to the poor and underpreviledged people in order to be aware the about the Mangal ethies and responsibility.
We very well know that “MANGAL” in serving the society in various aspect and has helped the people to avail basic there is no question about the working of “MANGAL” and has full faith that this trust will also serve the society in future.

About Us

It was started in 1975 with name of “Mangal Seva Samiti”

Economically backward class people are not able to get some facilities which are needed in day to day life. So, this thing is provided by Mangal Charitable Trust the name of Mangal Seva Samiti is being changed and given name as Mangal Charitable Trust. As we name only says that charity begins at home and it’s a type of non profitable organization.

The people who are economically backward and living below poverty line. Our trust provides some educational facilities also. As they give some books to than and wake time literate & help in waking future bright through education. Poverty refers to the condition of not having the means to afford basic human needs such as water health care & clothing. This all this are being provided by Mangal Charitable Trust.

Our Monthly Service

Thanks To Our Donors

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Feb 2023
Day Event Discription
Every Sunday Job Bridge
Every Sunday Dental Treatment
Every Monday and Thursday Clothes Distribution
Every Monday to Saturday Medical And Acupressure
Every Friday Medical Services
Every Month Vaccination (Suvarnaprash Drops)
Every Day Handicapped Instruments
For Students Notebook Distribution

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Mangal Charitable Trust, Bhavnagar

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Mangal Charitable Trust, Bhavnagar

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Mangal Charitable Trust, Bhavnagar

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